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Professional Development Trainings

 YouthCares offers Professional Development Trainings for childcare programs virtually, at requested facilities and the YouthCares facility.  These trainings are available to childcare programs that assist school age children. Contact YouthCares for more information if you are interested in a Professional Development Training.

Private facility trainings begin at $150 and we offer two or more trainings for $75 each. Trainings are also offered virtual.

 The Behavior of Children and Youth

  • Description:  This training will provide caregivers with the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent unwanted behavior by meeting the physical and social emotional needs of children and youth before they act out.

 How to Manage Your Classroom 101       

  • Description: Caregivers will learn creative approaches to classroom management from the most basic strategies of communication to effective boundary setting.  Caregivers will also reflect on more creative and personal approaches to classroom management in an effort to build confidence and ownership. 

Build Relationships with Families    

  • Description:  In this training caregivers will explore what it means to build authentic relationships with families, practice the foundational the skills needed to do this and explore biases that might prohibit them from developing authentic relationships with families make meaning.              

Trends in Children’s Development   

  • Description:  Learn about the physical, cognitive and social – emotional developmental trends that are associated with different age groups and how these trends relate today to day programming.       


Creating / Evaluating Daily Schedules          

  • Description:  Caregivers will look at schedules to determine  if they are providing both sufficient structure and flexibility to accommodate a wide range of activities and address the social – emotional, physical and skill building needs of children and youth. 

Initiating an Inclusive Program          

  • Description:  Discussing the law regarding inclusion to programs as well as the attitude needed to create an inclusive environment in school – age /after school by making reasonable accommodations for children with disabilities.                    

 Creating Service Learning Projects for Youth        

  • Description:  Caregivers will identify potential service learning projects with safety considerations and create an action plan for a service learning project they can implement at their site.                   

Helping with Homework       

  • Description:  Caregivers will examine the importance of homework assistance in out of school programs.  Caregivers will learn strategies and skills to provide effective homework assistance.     


The Importance of Debriefing with Kids      

  • Description: Caregivers will understand the importance of the delivery and debriefing of an activity to help make meaning.          


How To Manage Your Classroom 101 E- Course 

Helping With Homework Course


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